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Crushing on Tropical / My Top favourite Tropical Picks!

Ahh Apologies for not doing blog post in some time, I have just been struggling to manage time as usual. Feeling so busy that I'm cutting my hours back at work just so I can get a bit more organised and feel like I can complete most tasks in a day (because at the moment, a lot of unfinished tasks, are being passed onto the next day...and the next *sigh*). 

But one thing that I have been noticing through my busy chaotic life is TROPICAL!
I find tropical print so refreshing and summery. Tropical print can be from anything fruity, or leaf print, to bold floral print, and I cannot forget...the palm tree print! 

Most of my wardrobe will consist of plan tree print I'm sure by the end of summer. 
For some people like myself, wearing tropical print can literally lift your mood because you do think of the summer and it has been proven that wearing brighter clothing does lift your spirits! Wearing it whilst the sun is out, is a bonus. 

So Ive made a collage of some of the tropical style prints that i've seen, that would be a statement for this summer for either holidays, festivals, the beach, the list goes on! But by all means, wear this stuff now! For all we know we might only get 2 weeks of british sun! 

so these are my favourite Tropical Print tops that Ive spotted on the hughstreet/online... 

So I already have the Topshop blouse and I kid you not, it looks even better in person! The print may not be for everyone but its bold and the splashes of pink and blue with the green leaf colours makes this a trendy, high street, Hawaiian style shirt.  ^^ 
I have also ordered the Missguided blouse because I love that this is monochrome and will be very easy to brighten up. Ive worn the Topshop one with boyfriend jeans and ankle boots (shown on my insta) and if the Missguided one is a success then it will also be worn in the same way. 

If I was to dress any of these up, all of these tops would look great with a leather midi skirt or a black skort (a white skort with the Missguided top would look smashing!) 

Moving onto trousers...

I know not everyone likes wearing trousers through the summer, but I think they are nice to wear in the evenings when it can get chilly, or they are really handy for any holiday destinations where you might need to cover up because of cultural differences.  (e.g I'm going to Turkey and its disrespectful to show your legs etc) 

I've already purchased the Asos trousers and have now ordered the size down because they are stretchy and with the elasticated waist, the size 10 did feel generous and too baggy for my liking. Fingers crossed the 8 will be perfect!

One day, I WILL purchase the Warehouse ones <3 


In LOVE with the Missguided one. I am always wearing bright, bold prints through the summer and this has my name all over it! Also loving the colours on the River Island one and would be perfect to wear over a Bikini or by the pool. 

My last finds are Tropical Print Accessories! If you don't feel comfortable wearing bold daring patterns on clothing, you can always brighten up an outfit altogether with a statement accessory! These are my favourites:

First Row (left to right) 

Middle Row (left to right) 

Bottom Row (left to Right) 

The River Island website crashed whilst I was making that block of photographs (hence there only being one River Island product) So it just means I will make another block of items ^^ this time including Bikinis! 

So again.. 

Top row (left to right) 

Middle row

Bottom Row 

I know not all of it is 'tropical' print but you get my gist. The items here are very easy to mix and match with or without prints. Basically all of these items have geared me up for my holiday and I've still got 3 and a half months to go til mine! 

Hope this has helped you with any outfit ideas or got you excited for the SUMMER!! 

Let me know if any of the links do not work I was whizzing through them because I'm typing this post way past my bedtime d'oh!

toodles! ^^ 



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  1. Lovin these floral pants from Boohoo! :)


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