Friday, 25 April 2014

20% Student discount in Topshop and River Island right now!! Tips to get your money's worth!

Kid you not I have just finished typing up my last post and then thinking about the amazing discount right now in these two shops, has spurred me on to making this post.

First to point out the River Island discount finishes TOMORROW (the 25th!) ! If you cannot get to a store the discount is also online. This also goes to Topshop, however their 20% discount finishes on Sunday.

Although the Topshop discount is a tad better for me anyways than the student, I still want to post tips and suggestions on how to get your moneys worth when using this precious offer. Because I sadly see a lot of people not thinking properly or not making that offer go the extra mile. 

1. Avoid the 'go crazy! its 20% off!' mindset. I can see why people do it. River Island never normally do student discount and Topshop do 10%. That can make a difference, but sometimes the discount isn't even though to tempt someone to buy that £80 jacket (did you really want the coat after all then?) 

But as soon as 20% comes along, its shocking how (and I've done it myself) your whole opinion changes and saving that little bit more money goes a MASSIVE way! The shoes you were unsure of because they would only be worn for next weeks funeral is now a 'must have' and the jacket you turned your nose up at because it was worth your weeks wages (but secretly liked) now love! 
If you want to have that mindset, thats fine, but if you do a massive splurge for the sake of the discount you are guaranteed to return some of it. Purely because the discount tempted you that little bit more AT THE TIME. Just think, 'did you love that item before the discount and am I still going to get my money's worth still?'

(said no guy ever!)

2.  I do however think it makes sense to buy the more expensive thing, because yes, you are saving money and IF it was on your wish list anyways, then you might as well. But just buy things that are expensive, yet practical. The best sellers in my experience that sell well when we have these 20% days are;
- Jeans 
- Jackets
E.g Jeans are a perfect example, if you need to stock up because yours are getting worn out, then buying 2 pairs would make sense than buying just the one? It's always nice to have a style of jean in more than one colour anyways ^^. 

3. Avoid being influenced by friends! You will all be in a happy shopping spree mood and ofc you want your shopping to be successful. If you are unsure about that dress in the fitting when all your friends loved it, just put it on hold til the end of the day and THINK ABOUT IT! Dw its not going anywhere and if you do start to miss the dress when you leave the store, you can always go back.
Thats better than rushing into buying something, then regretting it, then loosing the receipt etc. You are then left with an unwanted dress and wishing you had the money for a nicer dinner tonight instead! 

4. If you can, plan ahead! Are you going on holiday? Any festivals? 
I would say this anyway with or without the discount but bikinis have to be bought NOW! Had the biggest failure trying to find bikini's last july and all the nice ones had already gone. If you don't mind dipping a bit into your overdraft then buying things ahead will really save you money in the long run. For example a bikini from Topshop is £34, River island flip flops are £35 and you was going to buy some new sunglasses anyways so thats another £16. Total price is £85. With 20% its £68 saving you just under £20, which can be used for those cocktails when you go to Ibiza *thumbs up!*

I know not everyone would still want to splurge on expensive shoes or bikinis and would rather go to Primark (I've done it too i hate spending money on shoes personally!) But if you want something a bit more longer lasting, then this can be a good time to take advantage of this discount. 

5. And if you do buy a statement item e.g statement shoes, or statement jacket, make sure you have plenty of things to go with it! The worst feeling ever is buying something that looks amazing but then having to spend MORE MONEY to find items to go with it. And then you wonder why you bought the item in the first place plus remembering a couple of your vest tops had holes in them. See what I mean. Where should your money have gone?! Thank me after. 

As long as you can be sensible or know that you won't loose the receipt if you change your mind, then you should be fine. Sometimes you do have to buy things to then see how you genuinely feel about the item. Would you have bought it without the discount anyway? Is the discount worth it? Do I need it? Will I have any regrets after? 

And Im going to sound like a boring parent saying this but,
have fun ^^  Enjoy spending you shopaholics! 
Im sure I will post a haul over the weekend if I took advantage of the discount in Rivers/buy anything in Toppers (my poor poor pennies)

 x x x 


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