Sunday, 16 March 2014

Visiting Bristol, and avoiding Topshop! Featuring Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, Pull and Bear and more!

Cabot Circus; One of my all time favourite places to shop and have the best selection of restaurants to choose from after a hard day spending ^^ 

Don't get me wrong, I love Topshop, work at Topshop and take pride in the brand. 
But thats exactly it! One thing that blogging has encouraged me to do is look outside of Topshop to either find cheaper alternatives or just to see how different brands look/work for the customer. It helps to understand the competition thats out on the High Street. Topshop isn't the only giant. We have just recently opened a H&M in Oxford (we have needed one for years!) and people went crazy on the day of opening (as well as most of us at work, ha we are only human!)

Us girls like variety. Plus I don't think I know anyone that just shops in one shop just because they are dedicated to a 'particular' name and stick their nose up to everywhere else. 
Going to other shops open minded is brilliant to really see what is out there. Oxford doesn't have the best selection of shops so Bristol was perfect to have a mooch around for 'non Topshop' clothes. 

Starting with 

Pull and Bear 

Not sure how long the store has been there, but Republic used to be there around a year ago, but it looked fairly new and was probably bigger than the Westfield one even. 

Crossover Strap Wedges 

I thought these were brilliant to brighten up any black floaty or bodycon dress for summer and will look lovely with silver or gold jewellery. I prefer the blue purely because I'm not the biggest fan in the colour yellow but can imagine the blue wedges looking amazing with a tan and matching clutch. 

Blue gingham print co ord! 

I thought this was so cute! Its similar to the Topshop one yes, but this is BLUE and cheaper guys! 
Perfect for days out and for going out, its very easy to dress this co ord up or down! Would love to splash some colour with a bright orange or yellow clutch and white sandals. 

Seeing a lot of these scuba feel jumpers around but this stood out for being still very girly yet a little bit nicer by adding the mesh on the sleeves, just to lure it away from looking like your standard boring sweater.  It even looks lovely in the link its worth seeing and thought this was a bargain for a jumper with a nice motif! 

Don't get me wrong I would have tried this on, cos I genuinely did like it, but the store was BOILING! I do not deal well in any heat so the thought of trying this on felt like too much effort if half my face was going to melt in the process. 

River Island 

Bottoms £12 (buy the top and bottoms separately woo!..Hate the sets!)

With a tan omg WITH A TAN! This will look gorgeous with brown sunnies and bright coral or orange flip flops I can imagine it now <3 
However what Is everyones opinions with the big bottoms?! I wish I tried these on but kind of scared to know ah! Yes it makes sense to sit on the highest point of your waist to make that appear smaller but surely then it will make your bum look huge? Plus from behind it will make you look like you are wearing a funky nappy!?!?! I haven't seen anyone try this on even whilst working so if you have tried this style on, please let me know what the outcome was! 

American Apparel 

This was so funky and my kind of summer top! There are a few 'boxy' style tees around so it was nice to find a top that looked more feminine with the tie knot, which helps to keep the top fitted yet 'laid back'. I also love that there were several patterns to choose from which would suit any summer occasion such as festivals, going to the beach and holiday! 

Instantly fell in love with these! However I think they come up really small?!? I took in the 28/29 inch and even just looking at them I knew they would tiny. Half the reviews online have also said they do come up small and look like they cut in at the waist even on the website photo (see above).  If they fitted perfectly and were cheaper I would have definitely bought these because they are different to your standard denim shorts and pastel colours will remain through the summer period.  Very quirky and feminine ^^. 

Urban Outfitters 

(pic from the website, isn't it lush!) 

Reason why I also used pics from the website is because the lighting in the fitting room were very warm and tinted red, which could make the colours on the kimono misleading. The photographs from the site are true to the colours.
This Kimono is gorgeous! The pattern is different to many that I've seen lately and normally kimonos tend to be floral print. Its a statement pattern which would look especially great with black or even just with a simple white tee and shorts. Can't wait for the summer to come along to wear this beauty this may be a potential purchase in Newcastle I liked it this much! The only downer is the price but luckily my fella is a student so this could save me some pennies! 

Awh I thought this was so so pretty! I love the colours and the small daisy print scattered all over the blouse! It was a fairly large fit (I tried on the medium) so if anyone was considering buying this then maybe consider going a size down unless you wanted it baggy. This is another item I would definitely consider looking for again in Newcastle and getting the boyfriend's opinion. 

Instant love for this! Looks even better on the model but I didn't want to tempt myself by trying this on (cos the worst feeling is trying on things you love, and you cannot afford them! Oh so heartbreaking!) 
Normally dresses are too short on me so its worth trying this on properly to see what the length is like. If the length works, this will be a purchase, because dress shopping is always a mission! 

Its a face of a cat, on a wash bag. I could have all my shampoos, hair products, and toiletries in this and be looking at a cute photo of a cat whilst rummaging through this. If you are a cat lover, then this is enough said. If you aren't a cat lover, there is one with a photo of a pugs face instead *thumbs up!* 

I also went to Primark...that will involve another separate blog post because this is long enough already! 
After today I was seriously exhausted and treated myself to a chocolate and coconut frap from 'Soho Coffee'. Omg if you love coconut like me then do buy this whilst you visit was oh so lush!! 

Hope you enjoyed reading! Also as well at some point this week a youtube video will happen so if there were any questions you would like to ask me to get to know me better PLEASE DO ^^ 

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  1. Stumbled across your blog from Instagram! Love it and the perfect post for me to read right now! Going to be Meeting my friend that's just moved to Bristol,so good to read a little about the shopping! Of course the main plan for out day! Never been to Paul & Bear so will def be stopping by there! Gosh I love all the bits you got, the UO kimono is gorgeous!
    Fab post,good little read :)

  2. Love love love this post as I'm originally from Bristol and I adore Cabot!
    I do agree I can sometimes get too wrapped up in shopping at one shop and at the moment mine is Topshop too. There are so many other stores out there and I think it's important to shop around a bit more.
    Lovely post


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