Sunday, 23 March 2014

Trip To Newcastle and the things I bought Part 2! River Island, Accessorize, and New Look

Thought it would make sense to make 2 mini posts instead of one long arse essay of a post. 
So pick and choose which sections you would like to read this is just a follow on from the trip to Newcastle and the things I bought! 

River Island

This was on my wish list from a previous post and still wanted it when I saw it! Can't wait to wear this with boyfriend jeans and nude or white sandals for a day look or smarten it with a white blouse and leather trousers.
The fit is bizarre I had to buy a size 14 purely because it was snug on the back and shoulders when I stretched my arms out. I would rather it floaty anyways me thinks! It fits everywhere else but is a little big on the arms. 
But the print is beautiful! 


Georgia Winged Handheld bag £32

This was another on the wish list! The colours are true to the photographs and is a perfect size for a day wear bag. The long strap is a little on the shorter side but I will probably hold it with the handles anyway. The colour of the bag will go great with light or dark denim, pastel shades and monochrome! Don't forget you can get student discount in Accessorize stores and I'm sure they never advertise this!

New Look 

Thought this was a lovely bargain top for NewLook and love the small print floral detail. Not sure if I like the fastenings on the back? Im tempted to wear it back to front because I like the fastenings to be at the front where people can see them. 
Although I have just done some more online browsing, and came across a co ord that is gorgeous! But the top is similar to this here for the co ord! damn you ASOS! 
But as you can see the shape is similar and its floral print. But I think I have set my heart on the Asos co ord now, just because you can mix and match, and I think I prefer the bigger floral print to the small print. Can I also add that I bought the size 16 because the 12 looked TINY! I don't think anyone bigger than a size 14 could fit into this its such a small boxy shape and pretty cropped! 

I bought this to go with the dress I wore out for my birthday, and it worked a charm. I liked that it was a boxy but sleek shape and there was plenty of room to fit make up, camera, phone, mini hairspray and money in this! I never pack light on a night out but everything just about fitted. The only thing I can criticise on is that there is no zip in the inside! There a tiny pocket pouch to put cards, Id and loose change in, but then I prefer all my valuables to be properly secure with a zip. Luckily, nothing got lost! 

Needed this for my birthday night out also! It doesn't look very spiked as described because it doesn't sit flat (see in the photos). The spikes are 3 dimensional if that makes sense but thats what I liked about it because it was a simple design but chunky at the same time. 

Pink mini Gingham print blouse £17.99 

Apologies I could not find this on the site anywhere so there isn't a link! 
Tried to go out of my comfort zone by buying pink. Don't get me wrong, I like the colour, I like the shape, but unsure on the pattern. I tried it on and it reminded of some old style work uniform because the pattern isn't quite gingham, its like a puffy texture (I'm so bad at describing!) 
But you can see in the photographs what I mean. Newlook do sell a gingham print shirt in a pale pink, peachy colour so might swap it for that! 

Hope you enjoyed reading! I've also given my blogger template a new design (well bought one ha I wish i was geeky with templates but sadly not!) 
Hope you likey! ^^  I just wanted something clear and girly for now. 



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  1. Hey The Pixie Cut, its Beckyjaneturner (you follow me on instagram). Thought I should message you, i always look at your blog! Love the bag and shirt on this post, I'm jealous :)


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