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Throwback post! Tips when Shopping with THE BOYFRIEND

This is a blast from the past blog post and if you have followed me from Day 1 then you will recognise this! I originally posted it on 24th March last year, just after a shopping weekend in Newcastle. I was looking through old blog posts just to see what I did differently compared to what I'm doing now. Some of my most popular posts were ones that I made when I first started? Does my writing suck now ha!? Has my blogging MoJo just vanished!? Has the blogging world got more competitive? I've honestly not a clue. But one thing I do know is that I really enjoyed typing this up and thought I would share it again if anyone missed it first time haha! 

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Okay so the killer shop on my Birthday did make me think about writing up this post haha
My tips are just my own personal views (I'm being jokey but they can be useful) just from my own experience with the boyfriend over the years (he actually helped with this post!) You may have had better (or worse) experiences, so if you feel like I have missed anything out, or want to disagree on something, go ahead! This may help build the 'ultimate shopping experience for all!'

Because we can all love shopping can't we =P

 The trick when shopping with the boyfriend is to make sure 
1. GO early! Okay not too early but the earlier you go, the easier it is to get around the stores without using the boyfriend to pull you through the crowds (this has only happened on Oxford Street!)  Plus less queues to the fitting room and the tills! Quicker shopping for the both of you! All WIN.

2. Make sure there is boyfriend seating. That way they can stop from carrying the bags and wind down for a little. However..
3. There has to be internet signal! Otherwise the boyfriend seating is worthless and then there is very little for the guy to do.
Which can resort to this.... 
(photos were from a meme website, I wasn't the mean one to take these!) 

Carrying an iPod for music and gaming can be useful and is the only acceptable time for the boy to be anti social. 

4. Make sure there are plenty of rest stops which include food! They do literally need energy (maybe even throw in some coffee but time the 'coffee crash' when you're slowly starting to finish the trip).

5. Engaging them with the shopping can go one way or the other, the guy could be eager to help or automatically ask 'where is the boyfriend section?'. However if he wants to help, then thats not always a bad thing, but it cannot be in every single shop! It will probably resort to him picking and choosing things randomly just for the sake of you getting to the till quicker. If he wants to help he will and you can always ask the question 'well WHY did you pick this over that eh?', just to test things ;) 

Sometimes I will let Matt sit, and then do a quick scan round the shop picking up anything that catches my eye and then ask Matt to narrow down what I've picked (basically looks like the guy above) hahahaha. Okay I'm not that cruel! Keep on reading and you will see.  

Im tempted to buy one of these I'm sure Matt would be amused and feel more eager to carry my shopping if he was holding this! 
The masculine way to shop ;) But can I just say I carry all of my shopping unless Matt offers, oh the gent ^^ 

6. PLAN YOUR SHOPPING BEFOREHAND! Have a rough idea what you want to buy, and if you do know what you want to buy, try it on beforehand if it's possible! Its easy for some I know not everyone can do this. But if your big shopping trip isn't for a week and you work in town anyways, you might as well kill time in your lunch break and prepare for what you will be buying on this big day! The boyfriend will LOVE you if you say 'I just need to pick up this, I don't need to try it on, oh look, the que is empty to pay' RESULT! Boyfriend section not needed! 

7. Make sure the boyfriend gets something out of the trip also! That could be you helping him with an outfit (if he can be arsed by this point! You can get this ball rolling ^^ especially if you can afford to treat him to that top he was looking at before you dragged him away to shoes. ) 

If he just wants to escape the shopping centre then perhaps he can choose what he wants to do in the evening e.g He can pick which film to watch. Or he can pick a restaurant if you were going out for dinner later. Just something to make it fair so its not all about YOU.  

8. Ive never done this but I know it would be a big mistake for my relationship but I have never and NEVER WILL, drag my boyfriend into the sale. I couldn't put Matt through that and to be honest I don't enjoy sale shopping much anyways (maybe your fella is more patient than mine).
But keep sale shopping separate, maybe look for the items online, or on another day. Men would see a different side to women, which is just not needed. Plus we don't need men to interfere in such a crazy environment anyways! They would hold us back! 

It sadly does happen I have seen girlfriends throwing their boyfriends head on into the Sale and Ive had to sadly watch on thinking 'you poor thing'....Whilst I carry on greeting people at the front of Topshop (the joys of retail working ^^) 

OMG i've just read this article about a boyfriend that commits suicide after his girlfriend insists in going in 'another shop' after a 5 hour spending spree. click here to read it.
Okay that is no laughing matter and such a shame that shopping led him to doing such a crazy thing. =( I thought it was a joke article when I glanced at it!  

9. At the end of the day, if the boyfriend really doesn't want to go shopping, its probably better not to force him. He will go with you in a negative attitude, and probably ruin the trip for you and you will also feel pressured into rushing and potentially making too many impulse buys. There have been times when Ive wanted to drive somewhere and even offered to pay petrol and Matt will not budge. Yes I can get in a strop, but sometimes the best shopping sprees are on your own anyway! 

No one can moan, you can go as fast or as slow as you want, you can spend an hour in the fitting without feeling pressured to hurry the f up! Shopping on your own can really make you go into stores open minded and I promise you, you will find things that you wouldn't have seen if you was with the fella because you would have been distracted by keeping him occupied anyways. 

Hope you enjoyed most of this post anyways! 

If you can think of any other tips please comment below. 

much love 

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Has anyone else experienced this by the way? Where some of their most popular posts were the ones when you first started out? It's really knocked me back because although I am happy with the views I get, I just thought that any blog if you put time and effort into it would grow. Plus blogging is all I do now! I would like to think that I'm putting enough time in. I also paid a lot of money for even a new template and that helped a little bit but *sigh*, I don't know.  Maybe I'm expecting too much I'm so impatient dammit! 

I feel like a frustrated woman who thinks her diet is doing well but she isn't seeing results. I bet the answer is right in front of me! Right now though I am no quitter and believe that results don't just happen overnight. 

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  1. I cant make head or tail of the whole blogging thing at all! I get so confused by what my most popular posts are and why..I can never seem to narrow it down.
    I love your blog and I definitely remember this post. LOL


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