Monday, 10 March 2014

Review Canon 50mm lens and trial shots! Warehouse and Topshop.

Hello again! 
Cor blimey the weather has been beautiful today in Oxfordshire! Not a single cloud in the sky and the temperature was almost, pleasant! 
Which meant I had no excuse to try out my new lens for my Canon 450D camera. To be honest I was almost forgetting I purchased this because it has taken that long for the day, time, and weather to all be spot on. Either work has got in the way or as we all know, its lately been rain and grim! 
I wish I did spend longer taking these shots, but I was more focusing on just trialling out the lens and hoping it was what I was after. 
I had looked at reviews for the 50mm lens and a majority of people were saying on the Argos and Amazon site (its £72 on there atm!) that this was 'an essential' and 'everyone should have one, for the price it is!' 
The 50mm lens is for close up and portrait photography, and I was after a lens that always made that 'blurry background', or in the photography world it is known as 'depth of field' (i did get a B in my photography A level I still remember the basics ha!)
Another reason why everyone was raving about this was also because of the price. Varying from £70-£99 this is considered cheap as chips for a lens! This lens was one of my first purchases for the year and it has taken me this long to get it out! 

I had tried using it indoors but had a mahoosive issue which I was unaware of. There is no zoom. The lens is what you get! You attach it on the body of the camera which was easy to do, but the lens is slightly, naturally magnified anyways so when I was setting it up on the tripod, I had to move the camera vertically and move the tripod to the very end of the house, just to get the full length shot of an outfit! The distance meant that the remote was out of range and the lighting was out because the lens couldn't then tell what it had to focus on (there being household items in the way so the camera struggled to focus on me, pfft! Should be more clever).

Bless my mum she was being patient whilst I was moving outside my house deciding on the best place to take the damn photo. I can be such a perfectionist and the lighting has to be right (these photographs still need improving!) The lens did work its magic though as shown below. I think my mum did a better job than what I could have done to be fair! She has cut my head off before (d'oh!)

Yes the lighting is still overexposed slightly (and blinding my eyes) it was the only time I could take the photographs and even at 2pm, the lighting was still too harsh. 3/4pm would have been better and the lighting would have been softer. 
These are all unedited as I wanted to show you guys the original photographs

 Oh the detail on this blouse! Love at first sight! 

The details on the blouse are GORGEOUS and potentially one of the nicest things I have purchased this year! One thing thats also great about this top is that there is a zip at the back, so the jumper hole is bigger when taking the blouse off, so you don't get make up round the neckline, GENIUS! 
I don't want to give away too much about this blouse because it will be in my next post following on from the 'London Haul' but is the Sunday purchases. I will say (and its pretty obvious) but I will be keeping this blouse for sure even though it was £46!
But as you can see from the photographs there is a blurry background! Ta Dah! 
This is what I was after because it can make your photographs feel more professional but I just need to focus more on the lighting now! Its meant to be sunny all week so I really hope I can squeeze some more photographs in and hope the tripod might work better outside (could also mean my Mum can have a break from being my photographer ^^). 

Will post very very soon! 

x x x


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  1. Absolutely love your blouse here.. The print is lovely!


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