Sunday, 23 March 2014

My Birthday Trip to Newcastle and things Ive bought! Part 1. Topshop, Pandora, Quiz and Urban Outfitters.

Where on earth has this week gone!?! 
Since I last posted I did a long gym session the night before I was going to Newcastle and fell over just as I was coming out the car park! Had to ruin an elbow, a finger and grazed my hand (i will not post photographs of these injuries because they even grossed me out!) 

That wasn't going to stop me getting excited for Newcastle! 
Stayed for 2 nights at the Sandman Signature and 1 last minute stay at a Premier Inn (because we wasn't ready to leave!)
But overall it was a lovely trip! Plus the weather stayed good for my birthday and was able to quickly visit the beach! 

But what I mainly did on my Birthday is SHOP! 
So these were my purchases! 


I don't get much of a thrill buying practical, essential things but I know this will come in handy so many times for summer! Not sure about the 'no collar', bit, because I am so used to wearing necklaces underneath but it just means I will wear necklaces that curve well around the neckline instead. Will look lovely with denim shorts, boyfriend jeans, patterned trousers, floaty midi skirts, the list goes on! 

I am still a little unsure on these, but it is probably because I am so used to my stretchy Joni jeans and these feel tight on the top of my thighs but baggy in other areas (have been told these will stretch!). I was meant to try and look in H&M but was a little disappointed with the stock they had in the Metro and central Newcastle, so I'm going to look in my local store when I go back to work. I do like the shade of denim because I didn't want anything too light but these could be considered summer jeans still and the length are spot on. Could I find cheaper though? It's very likely. 


So in love with this beauty! My boyfriend wanted to buy me an actual gift because he had spent money for us to go to Newcastle and wanted to give me a present for my 21st (we went all out on each others 21st because in our eyes it is a big one, and the next big one won't be until we are 30! Noooo!) 
I was just after a day ring that I could wear to work or anywhere without there being crystals (just had bad experiences with other brands and crystals falling out and it sucks - never had this problem with pandora though! But it has made me wary.) 
It fits perfectly on my middle finger and love that it isn't bulky but still a statement dainty ring thats girly and wearable for many occasions. 

Yes, I know its for february and my birthstone is actually aquamarine, but my star stone is amethyst which is this stone. It also goes with the colour pattern that I'm trying to keep with my new Pandora bracelet because the last bracelet I had I just bought any random charms I liked, and never colour co ordinated it or gave it a pattern. My grandparents bought me a silver bracelet so I'm trying to make this a little more special and make a purple/silver pattern to go around the bracelet. Does anyone have a pattern to theirs? 

Quiz Clothing 

Wasn't even meant to go in this store as we were just killing time before heading to a restaurant. But I am a sucker for palm tree print and the price sold me! It is jersey material and a little worried that it may not last very long, but then I don't mind as much when its under £13! Some jersey t- shirts are overpriced these days and barely last 5 washes because the colour fades or it bobbles! 
But I fell in love with the colour and the bold print and would be perfect for holiday or to wear with shorts, sandals and a chunky belt). The top also comes in a pastel pink! 

Im cheating a little bit as I actually ordered this online in the end, they didn't have it in the Newcastle store! Which just made me more determined to get it, and luckily there is a 15% off discount code (FRESH15) at the moment so I saved a bit of money that way anyways (their delivery is £3.99 though, seriously!) It was pretty quick I ordered it late on the Wednesday and it arrived friday morning. 
I tired this on when I went to Bristol last week and featured it then and so glad I did purchase it! Just think its a unique style kimono which is feminine but isn't your standard floral or paisley pattern. 

Part 2 will be up very soon! 



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