Wednesday, 12 March 2014

London weekend part 2 - Sunday; Topshop, Warehouse, Miss Selfridge and KIKO


Corr I feel like I'm on a roll with this blogging if I upload this tonight I will have uploaded 3 posts over 3 days, THIS IS NOT NORMAL FOR ME! 

Okay This is the blogpost carrying on from 'London weekend' but this is the list of the items I bought on the Sunday with my work friend ^^ hope you like! 

I do like this, maybe not love, but it a nice wardrobe piece to have. I hate buying essential jerseys because I just don't get much enjoyment out of buying them. They don't feel like anything special but then it would be rubbish to be wearing statement over the top stuff all the time. It's a cotton material and should hopefully go with many outfits if I needed it for layering or to go round my waist for times when I'm after a 'laid back edgy look' 
Bought in a size 14 because I did want it oversized however I wish it was longer (sits on the hips?) 
After trying this on I think a topman shirt would be more suited to what I'm after. Although it does look okay tied round my waist ^^ 

Quickly picked these up as an impluse buy but I am impressed! 
They have a small, detailed, diamond print pattern which cannot been seen from far away. From some distance the skort pattern just look textured and the pattern is fuzzy but the fit on these are perfect! The length is superb (normally skorts or skirts are too short) and the waist is comfortable. Can't wait to wear this with my black floaty Missguided blouse for going out or with a pastel fluffy jumper and tights for daywear. Happy with the price snc want to avoid returning these at all costs! 
UPDATE: I wore these out saturday and they worked a charm. Seriously love the pattern on them and they will be easy to dress up or down, result! 

it came in a cute handy box as well! 

Warehouse necklace (not online) 
Wasn't even meant to go in this store! But they opened their flagship one on Oxford street and were giving out these massive present like boxes at random passers by and that was their way of emcouraging people into their store. So just my luck, 'You have been gifted one of our presents! Come into our store to collect your free present!' So what did I have to loose? 
It was worth going in as they surprised me with this gorgeous statement necklace! I was very pleased! 
Know I will get loads of wear out of this through the summer and it looked more expensive than it probably was ha!  The colours are beautiful and will look lovely with a tan whilst i'm wearing a bikini *daydreaming about turkey sigh*. 

More photographs of this on my 'canon 50mm lens trial' post because I was wearing it =D 

So now that I got lured into their store with the freebie present I was then mesmorised by the summer prints and bright colours Warehouse had! So many things I was picking out. A summer kimono? A palm tree print tee? 
But then I came across this on a was love at first sight! 
I have never seen anything like this top so far. It has a jersey sweat neckline and cuffs but then the bottom of the top is floaty like a blouse so it keeps a really feminine shape still. It also has a zip at the back which means its easier to take the top off without getting make up on the neckline GENIUS! 
I look forward to wearing this beauty and it was worth the £46 so worth it! Ive had so many compliments already when I've worn this and also love that the pattern flows around the shoulders and back which gives it a designer and good quality appearance. 

KIKO make up
I wasn't even meant to buy any make up! Let alone from somewhere other than the Boots or Superdrug! 
But my friend needed to buy some items from the Regent Street store and I'm easily influenced! 
Kiko is an Italian cosmetics brand company that are known for their high quality products but for more affordable prices. I'm not normally a fan of buying expensive make up but even I was impressed that some of their products were very well priced e.g their nail varnishs' are under £4 - that's cheaper than Topshop! However their nail varnish may not be special, I actually do not know! So I bought their 'make up fixer spray'  (£7.90) and a 'Radiant Touch creamy stick Highlighter' £8.50 which together came to around £16. 

I have trialled out both and have slightly mixed views. The setting spray I was really impressed with! It has a lovely scent so it doesn't feel like you are tasting hairspray and it felt very light on my skin. Tried it out before I went out clubbing and felt like I didn't need to top up my make up as much and my skin was noticeably less shiny!
The highlighter only has 2 shades and that may be why I'm unsure about this one. I was rolling it under and around my eyes and it did blend in well. Maybe a little too well, to the point where you couldn't see the highlighter at all and I felt like I looked no different. I think I will only use the highlighter for occasions or for when photography may be used as I think you can notice the results more in a photograph than looking in the mirror. 

Glad I have posted this and got it out the way, otherwise, this will have never been posted d'oh! 
My time management seriously sucks. 

I promise I will try and blog more ^^ 

x ... x... x 



  1. I'm jealous of your haul! Love the shorts in particular! Great style.


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