Thursday, 6 March 2014

London weekend haul! What I bought part 1: Topshop, Zara, MissSelfridge..

The weekend just gone has been very busy only because I was in London both Saturday and Sunday. 
I was there Saturday with my boyfriend to have a mooch and then in the evening we went for a meal with my grandparents and then went to see the 'The Lion King' which now has to be my favourite musical ever!! I didn't realise it was going to be so like the Disney Film and the talent with the puppetry is amazing! Would recommend this to anyone even if you haven't seen the film (my bf couldn't remember watching the film and still enjoyed it). 
On the Sunday I was back to Oxford street with one of my best friends and basically shopped for most of the day! Its always better shopping with a girly mate than the fella, he would not have survived our 5 hour spending spree with less than a 30 minute lunch break ha!  It's just deciding if any of it is an impulse buy or not ^^ !

So the purchases I bought on Saturday were; 


'Turkish carpet print jumper' hahahah okay it's actually called the...
well i was nearly right! Its called the 

Okay this pattern is not for everyone! But it was on a mannequin with a matching midi skirt and that weirdly sold it for me. The sleeves are cropped and I did wear it on the Sunday with my ripped black jeans and a leather jacket. I'm a massive fan of the colours and the pattern but the length is slightly awkward. Maybe if it was longer then it would be perfect but I'm guessing it's a summer jumper so it does go nicely with anything high waisted or shorts for the cooler evenings. Bought it in a size 12 and happy with the fit! 

I'm still undecided on this (opinions will be appreciated!). I found it in the last chance section in the Oxford Circus store. I'm loving gingham patterns at the moment because they work so well with pastels or bright colours right now. I also like that the pattern is different on the sleeves slightly to the main area and thought £28 was a good value also ! 
The length on this is similar to the jumper and is slightly cropped but the material is what's making me feel iffy about it. The material is mainly ----- but feels like a scuba material a little? So it isn't floaty in the slightest and just sort of, sits? But there is stretch to it? 
However it will go with several items in my wardrobe, it's just how much wear will I really get out of if it's an awkward length and off putting material. 

Update! Have just found a similar version to this top on 

So the sleeves are slightly longer (can roll them up?) and the pattern is the same all over. I think the main thing is the difference in price. As long as it's gingham all over, I would rather go for the cheapest one d'oh! 

 £30) (sold out online) 

Okay I'll admit this blouse isn't for me I bought it for a friend because it was sold out online and in our local store, but this is worth to be blogged about! 
This is a lovely blouse and I'm kind of questioning why I didn't buy this for myself (suppose it would have clashed with my red hair) but I think this item stands out on the high street for being floral and girly and then literally brightening it up with the neon floral pattern! There are so many pastels around so I like how Miss Selfridge have been different and got away with something that is girly and bright at the same time! The floral pattern is subtle but the color definitely makes this a 'slightly nicer than day' blouse and would look amazing in wet look leggings and a blazer ^^ . 

Zara blue pu leather jacket 
£69.99 (sold out online and in most stores) 

This was my priority when I went to a London Saturday. They luckily had the size I was after in the Regent Street store because everywhere else was sold out in my size! 
Was worth the walk and effort because I love the colour, the length and it's a gorgeous statement for Spring! 
The jacket also has silver buckle detail on the sides and seam stitching detail on the shoulders (seen in the photos) 
I wanted it in the Large because the Medium seemed to pull on the shoulders when I stretched my arms out and felt kind of restricting. However I'm now having second thoughts because the Large is bigger than I wanted it to be and doesn't sit properly (it fits fine on the shoulders! But now realising it's pretty baggy..and the collar flaps do not sit properly and stick out grrr!) so now I am undecided dammit!

The products I bought on Sunday will be up soon! I will also do outfits builds of these items throughout the month also so keep your eyes peeled! 

Too be continued! ;) 

Thankyou for reading 



  1. Some gorgeous pieces you picked up! Love your style! xxx

  2. I actually love the carpet print!! Its different but workable, so much detail! Take it u havent had any jokes about being walked all over? lol :-) lovely buys!! xx

  3. I'm a huge fan of the carpet print jumper, its so cute! Love everything you've bought here!
    Toni xo

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  5. Love the topshop shirt!!


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