Tuesday, 11 March 2014

***Birthday wishlist*** RiverIsland, Topshop, H&M, Warehouse and more!

Hello peeps !
So... next week I am going to be turning the big 21! Oh yeahhhh! (I might just be a little excited..just a little =P) 
Other reasons I am excited is because:
1. I have a whole week off and I know this isn't anything massive but I haven't had a week off since August! People in retail cannot take any time off over Christmas and I have waited this long to have a break, so yes. This is a pretty big thing for me!
2. In this week off I am DETERMINED to upload a youtube video! Even if its daft I just need the motivation to actually film it and get to know imovie and upload the thing! Lack of time has been holding me back, and it will also give me something to do ^^ 
3. I am going to Newcastle! This is pretty exciting for me because the furthest I have gone up north is Manchester so I am looking forward to having a couple of nights away with the boyf and feel like a Geordie girl ha. 

But ofc, what will be the main thing I do in Newcastle ummm 
The Metro Centre needs to prepare and give me a blooming good welcoming ha! 

Is it really sad that I have already been making a shopping list for things that I wish to buy with potential birthday money? Some of these items I have had my eyes on for a while and I have only held back from buying them just because I could buy them in Newcastle (the worst feeling ever is going somewhere away from your local city and not being able to find a THING!) You can feel a failure, not to mention the waste of petrol to even get to the shopping centre!

So Newcastle, take note: 

Saw this in London a week ago and had to use all my will power to stop myself from buying this! 
Im a sucker for Summer and a sucker for any clothing that is 'summer patterned' so i LOVE palm tree prints! I think the pale yellow on the sleeves works nicely and it is a loose floaty material. The only thing I will make a comment on is the sizing. If i wanted the blazer to sit properly and go around me, I would have needed the size 14! Even the size 12 was snug and thats definitely not from me eating too many pancakes haha! Would love to style this up with a formal jogger, a bright orange clutch and monochrome sandals ooosh! 

I know co ords have been around before but only this year I have developed a seriously interest for them. I also think several stores have made co odds more feminine and girly, either using a jacket and skirt, or a top and shorts, mini crop top and trousers, the list goes on! There has been some several bold prints going on and this has also caught my eye. Admittedly I'm more drawn to the blazer than the skirt if I had to pick one of the items but I think it would look awesome to rock if you kept the rest of the outfit pretty plain and classy! Especially with tanned legs this would look lovely for holiday agh! 

Okay this is something I wouldn't normally go for! But the colours are gorgeous! We currently have this in the front of our store and I'm always eyeing it up! I also don't want to jinx things but there is a chance I may be going to Istanbul in May and this would be perfect!! Covered up a little bit, yet still looking summery and fashionable! I'm also impressed with the price! I think it looks way more expensive than £34 and would have thought it would be at least £40. Would love to wear this with a black blouse or jersey top, a long gold subtle necklace, leather jacket and heeled sandals. 

Oh my! These I just need. I do know Primark made a similar shoe just like this with the chunky heel for £12 but I would rather spend a little more on some better quality, leather shoes that last me through the summer (the primarni ones were suede).
But they look better than in the photos I promise you that! However if you suffer from really skinny ankles then the chunky strap can look overpowering and not sit properly. I haven't tried them on my feet yet but I'm just hoping I don't have the same problem! Also as well, I know a couple of people have have gone down a size? So if anyone was considering buying these beauties then it is likely they do come up slightly big. I will start off trying on the size 6 and if my feet are literally just big then the size 7 will do! 

Okay this would be really helpful if anyone knew this, but was is H&M sizing like with their denim? I'm after in general some boyfriend fitted jeans to then wear the Ramble sandals ya see! 
Topshop this year are really pushing with the new style jean called 'Hayden', which may fit amazing for some, but they were too loose round my waist and then too snug on the top of my thighs (that feeling when you want to make something work, and it just. Isn't. Happening. *sigh*)
But Ive noticed that Henny's have quite a few boyfriend fitted jeans so I'm hoping one of them shall fit. I don't care if the label is a size 8, 14, 16 whatever! As long as they fit (I know their sizing on tops are terrible at times so I will not be surprised if this is the same on the bottom half). 
I hope they do because these jeans are a bargain otherwise! The ones at work are £42! Which, if they don't fit perfectly anyways, are they worth it? 

Apologies for the blurry photo the image was originally small. So annoying. 
But from looking at the photograph on their website, these are gorgeous! I'm not normally a fan of trousers either, I'm perfectly happy living in my joni jeans and smock dresses but would love to wear these for drinks or a 'quiet' night out (these are too expensive to ruin!)
But have just realised they do a matching cami top also! The love is growing.. 
I'm quite happy with the trousers these are a statement piece for the summer when the evenings get cooler, and again, the ramble shoes would also go with these (if i end up buying ramble they will be stuck on my feet 24/7!) 
They are £40 so I may have to see if these look just as good as the photos or even better because these aren't cheap. Plus they aren't something I will wear literally everyday. 
These would also be handy for Istanbul also hmmmm. Very tempting. 

The very last item goes to this bad boy of a bag! 

Love at first sight this was. They describe the colour being Lilac but I can see if people would describe this as more of a pinky shade instead. But I see lilac. And Lilac is one of my favourite colours!
Its a perfect medium sized bag, you could fit everything you need for a day out, or just to use to go to work. Price is reasonable and if you aren't a fan of this colour, they have this bag in a coral colour (this is also just as lush!) Green, and navy. 
I can imagine this bag with many of my outfit builds on insta and is perfect to brighten up any dark outfit otherwise. 

Will be interesting to see if I actually come back with any of these items! I normally get distracted or find something I love more. But the bag above, the ramble shoes, and the palm tree blazer are a MUST in my life right now ha.

Hope you enjoyed reading ^^ 



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