Sunday, 24 November 2013

Tis the beginning ..

I started up a blog ages ago but starting up a new one now because:
1. I didn't like my previous name.
2. I couldn't find a template I like (and still can't). 
3. I was waffling too much (trust me this is going gd so far!) 

I've recently just done a Missguided vs Daisy street online shop. Daisy street stock the same or similar products to Missguided but it's still a fairly new site and only has a few products. This is what I came across..

I am in LOVE with the raoul crop faux fur jacket but hoping for £29.99 the quality will still be decent ? Eep, it sounds too good to be true. 
Necklace was £7.99.. You can't go wrong with a statement necklace and the colours are beaut!

The gilet cost £39.99 and not surprised there's a lot of fur there expecting it to have been pricier! 
The velvet playsuit was £29.99. Flattering shape, bold belt instant love. However I always struggle with finding playsuits that fit my long we shall see.

Will keep you updated and review these next time :) 



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