Monday, 25 November 2013

Favourite party dresses for festive season

Okay, it's nearly payday and my works Christmas party is coming up. So I've decided to do some online mooching and picked out some of the best party/festive dresses I've found so far. Ideally I probably should wear a Topshop dress, but sad to say it I've only found one Topshop dress I like.. Plus someone at work has shot gunned that dress already (dammit!)

Topshop vs River Island 

I LOVE the colours on the topshop bodycon. I'm loving all sequins and detail for this season so this ticks all the boxes. 
I also like the River Island one because you can make it look edgy with a leather jacket or classy with a blazer; safe, but nicer than your standard LBD. 

Lipsy is definitely a brand that specialises in their dresses and pretty sure they have got more affordable over time? But loved these 2 for their detail and contrasting colours. 

Another website that has some amazing dresses and variety. I'm not sure if I've just been unlucky or maybe I'm too tall for their clothing (is 5ft 8 tall?) but a lot of their dresses are short !! Luckily the one in the middle looks a flattering length but you could wear black tights with the other 2 dresses if you are conscious of short dresses..That, or just wear some pretty underwear ;) 

Anyone seen any nice party dresses so far ? 



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  1. Love these dresses, but motel have some amazing dresses at the minute and asos is always a good shout, love your blog and Instagram have followed for a while, would love you to check mine out

    Collette xoxox


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