Friday, 20 January 2017

How I style the Velvet padded Jacket

January is a bit of a funny month isn't it? I feel like in this month we can be in a great frame of mind to set new goals but on the other hand some things can feel rather slow and demotivating in this dull month. I feel like right now I'm in a good mindset to start the 5:2 diet again (I do it more for disciplining myself than the losing weight part..although losing half a stone would be fab!), and I have been really eager to shoot outfits, but then last Monday my laptop broke and I literally felt like I wanted to throw the towel in. I was just dreading how much it was going to cost to fix (bare in mind I did spend a grand and a half on a camera last month). Luckily it got fixed when I went to Milton Keynes the other day and I only had to replace the hard drive (thank the lord it only cost me £140!) I think now that I've got a working camera and now a working laptop I'm just hoping to get my creative juices flowing again! My other goal this year would be to learn Photoshop and Lightroom so I'm hoping to make a start on that next week on one of my days off. I feel like now that I've got this advanced full frame camera, I really do need to fully understand it and I want to learn the process on how to give my photographs its best finished edit. 

So I am sure you have seen floating around all of these padded jackets or maybe even velvet padded jackets! I was rather against these to be fair, considering I am a jacket person and my wardrobe is over flowing with different styles, however this padded style jacket hasn't really tempted me, nor have I found one that I've really fallen for. 

But then I came across this Boohoo grey velvet padded jacket and thought it had some potential. 

I have to admit, by getting the size down, its a massive yes from me! 
It's genuinely such a nice thick warm jacket but I didn't feel like I was melting in it! It also comes in a deep green colour and a bright pink! I have been obsessed with grey this season so I honestly can't fault this! 
I actually really struggled and had creative fog when I thinking of a way to style this jacket. After looking through my old feed (I like to see how I've styled jackets in the past) and with some help from google, I opted for the velvet cami over the white top combo!!

This set together does seem to work for almost any outfit and thats because monochrome match is rather flattering on the top half of the body! Me personally I also prefer thin layering compared to a heavy chunky knit because I hate the feeling of being restricted if I can't move my arms with all the thick clothing! 
I am also loving these New Look boots that I got for Christmas! They have only just gone into sale but I think all sizes are in stock! The simple zip is nice feature and makes them easy to wear with all my outfits!

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Velvet Jacket - Boohoo
Necklace - Boohoo
Velvet Cami - ASOS (similar here)
White Top - ASOS (similar here)
Trousers - Zara (similar here)
Boots - New Look 
Bag - Zara (similar here)
Grey Pom Pom - New Look (similar here) 
Sunglasses (*) - D&G at The Sunglasses Shop

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Friday, 13 January 2017


Evening all! First of all I want to apologise for the delay of my first post for 2017! My camera gave up on me before Christmas and it took some time trying to find the camera I was after but for a good price. But I feel like I am getting back on the blogging roll again and can't wait to show you guys what I've got planned for this year!

So this is my first outfit and my first brand collaboration with a fashion brand called Vivichi! I had the challenge to style this gorgeous mocha ripped jumper! I have seen a few of these ripped jumpers floating around but I was really drawn to this colour and love that its not a bodycon fit. I prefer my jumpers to be slightly slouchy and this style ticks the box! If you aren't a fan of this colour then they also stock this jumper in black, nude and mint! 

I'm also wearing their Bands of Humanity bracelet which I'm really fond of. I like the double leather strap feature and the gold charms add some colour and shine (if you look closely it does say Bands of Humanity engraved). This bracelet is to represent and symbolise unity and a way to show your support for a better world. A world that is more accepting of all races, ethnicities and culture. On top of all of this, Vivichi also donate 10% of all their profits to charity. They also stock this bracelet in silver and it would look great with a watch for some added arm candy! 

So I decided to style this jumper with my trusty old River Island fur coat. I'm trying to make the effort to wear more of my older clothes in my blog posts, just because I'm not ready to clear some of my wardrobe out and I can always link similar items below. I remember this coat was pretty expensive at the time and I love the texture on this and the oversized fit. 
I also noticed that I haven't worn knee high boots in a while so I'm wearing my trusty Janine Boots which I was sent from Public Desire last year. Luckily they are still in stock! Its great that you can tie them up at the top of the boot for a secure fit. 

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Jumper (*) and Bracelet (*) - Vivichi 
Sunglasses (*) - Dolce and Gabana from The Sunglasses Shop 
Boots (*) - Public Desire 
Coat - River Island old
Jeans - Topshop
Bag - From Holiday 

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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Blogging full time isn't always the dream!

This is a post that's been really bugging me and I've been wanting to express my feelings for some time. I couldn't rush into this post until I knew if I had made the right decision or not. 
Back in the summer I wrote a post called 'How working from home has ruined me mentally'. To save you reading the post, after I quit Topshop in May 2014 I jumped in at the deep end and went head first into the blogging world with no job on the sidelines. I have NO REGRETS with my decision and luckily I had a bit of savings to live off to start with, but it gave me time for my blog to grow and I learnt many ways that bloggers can turn their hobby into a business. Now I'm going to be honest with you, to say you 'blog full time' can feel very ego boosting. If someone had said to me 10 years ago that I was going to work for myself I wouldn't have believed them. I mean, from an outsider looking in, that person is earning a living,  doing what they love and they are earning their money all by themselves, choosing what hours they can work and GEE WHIZZ that sounds like the dream! I thought it was the dream to begin with. But for anyone who wishes they could blog full time or have been considering taking the jump, let me tell you this. 

Blogging full time isn't for everyone and just because you can blog full time doesn't automatically mean that your blog will be better or more successful than someone who has another job at the same time as blogging. 

The biggest difference when you can blog full time is, that, yes you have all the time in the world. That doesn't mean you are going to use your time well. At the start I was really excited and I felt super productive and it was fun and very rewarding. But you have to somehow stay motivated and productive through the tough times too. When you feel like you are going through a rough patch, and money is tight, or your self esteem is low, you somehow have to get up and work. Or you can go back to bed because thats easier than facing the blogging world. And repeat... 

Just because you HAVE more time to blog doesn't mean you are going to use your time more effectively. Take the Germans for example, who only work on a 30 hour contract, but they work more efficiently and effectively than us on a 40 hour contract. They get shit done and have a better life/work balance. When you blog full time you are with your own thoughts 24/7. It's literally the only thing you can think and stress about. Training yourself to switch off from work is a skill that not everyone can achieve, especially if you have an addictive personality like myself. It's very hard to switch off when you want a good old rant to someone, but most days you talk to your pet cat more than your own boyfriend! 

Whilst I was blogging, the only people I would talk to most days, face to face would be my Mum and my sister in the evenings. I would see my boyfriend two or three times a week and that was probably the only time I would get out of the house. I had no other reason to get in my car and drive anywhere when I had all my work back at home. This made me feel so isolated and extremely lonely. So. So. Lonely. I had experienced depression in the past and I was also suffering in this period too but I also developed anxiety which I would never want anyone to go through. I was constantly stuck in my own thoughts, getting easily distracted, always feeling irritable and paranoid. In the end I imagined a dark cloud always hovering above my house, plus it also affected how I interacted with friends when we planned a catch up. I remember bursting into tears in front of my two best friends after a lovely weekend away because I had been feeling so low. I look back and I know my head was in a total mind fuck. Anxiety mixed with depression means your head is always feeling friction. It took me a few months to accept it, but I knew I needed to get a part time job somewhere. 

Soooo for nearly three months I have been working in retail part time. My manager is really understanding about my blog and I don't think my shifts have so far clashed with any events in London, nor have I had to work on many weekends. I know some people would say working in retail is stressful and not very enjoyable but so far, *touch wood* I have been the happiest I have been this year! Having a part time job means I have a purpose to get out of the house, and its given me back my confidence because I genuinely love talking to customers and the staff. Because my time is limited now for blog work, I use my time more effectively. I have to plan my week and use every second I have away from retail to work on my blog. Yes I am feeling a lot more physically shattered but when your boyfriend says 'you are back to your old self' you know this has been a good decision. I'm also worrying about money a lot less, knowing that I will always have consistent money coming in. I really do feel like I've got the balance just right. 

Of course some people really suit blogging full time and the ones that are currently doing this I salute you! I know its blooming hard work and as long as you are enjoying it then I'm happy for you! HOPEFULLY I would love to go back into full time blogging when Matt and I have finally bought somewhere to live. I would like to think I would be in a better financial situation and at least then I would have my own work space and I would be living with my partner in crime so maybe one day it will all happen again. 

I think if you are going to consider going into full time blogging please think about these questions:

- Are you going to be okay with your income being different every month, or is that going to stress you out? Financial stability can play a massive part on your mental health. 

- Do you enjoy your own company or are you quite sociable and prefer to work in a team? 

- Do you have a house to yourself or are you still living with your parents?

- Can you easily motivate yourself?

- Can you accept that most days you will be talking to your pet more than an actual human being (no joke, my cat Katie was literally my best friend throughout this process *face palm* ) 

I think to conclude, timing is key. When I was at Topshop I was on part time hours but I had been in that job for three years and blogging was something I really wanted to focus all my time on. I've had that time to build it up and I'm so happy with what I've achieved in that time. But before you can think of any career, you need to think about you and your own well-being first. 

I wish everyone a fantastic New Year and bring on 2017!!

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Coat - H&M (similar here and here
Jumper - ASOS 
Trousers - Zara (similar here)
Boots - Zara old (similar here)
Bag - Primark (similar here) 
Pom pom Keyring - New Look (similar here)
Sunglasses - Quay Australia 

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Friday, 23 December 2016

Statement in Studs

Evening! Oh my days what a manic week! Retail work, plus blog work, plus my slr camera breaking this week when I have deadlines = one stressful week! My head hurts literally typing this up for you now. I was able to shoot this outfit in Bristol last week but admittedly there has been something wrong with my camera for a while now. It struggles to focus and its even worse when the lighting is poor. Jessops confirmed that the autofocus points need to be realigned which could be an easy fix for £150 but I would be without a camera for a month and if they find ore faults with the camera then its going to cost more and I'll be camera less for longer. I'm hoping to find a new camera in the boxing day sales but even looking into a new camera has been stressing me out! One review can say a camera is great and then another can say its a let down. I just want to get the ball rolling and start shooting again but I know I can't rush into buying a camera when its such an investment waaah!

So this is what I wore to Bristol! The day involved shopping, mooching around the Christmas market,  and munching on Calzone in Frankie and Bennys. Bristol is like a second home to us because it's where Matt went to Uni so most weekends I visited him and it was like my little weekend getaway for four years. I had been saving this outfit for this day trip and luckily the weather was dry and mild! I instantly fell for this Glamorous studded embroided jacket! I treated myself after I spent a day at the clothes show and didn't spend a penny! I love the ice blue colour and the detail on the sleeves if stunning! I bought this one on ASOS for £75 but on the actual Glamorous website its nearly £100! I defininietly don't think this is worth any more than the ASOS price because it is a thin faux leather material (considering you can get some real leather jackets for £100!).

So I kept the outfit really casual but thought I would make the effort by matching the jacket with my Missguided studded boots! I've had these for a while and most of the sizes are out of stock but luckily a few other stores are selling similar boots so I will link them below! 
Can we also discuss how nice this western bag is from River Island!?! It goes so well with all the studded detail and love the western buckles! It also comes in grey so if I end up getting a River Island gift card for xmas I know what I'm buying! 

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Jacket - Glamorous 
Top - Boohoo 
Sunglasses - Quay Australia 
Jeans - River Island 
Bag - River Island 
Pom Pom Keyring - New Look 
Boots - Missguided (similar below!) 

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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Small but Mighty

Evening guys! I've had the opportunity to collaborate with a British, luxury, accessories brand called DS London that stock the most stunning handbags! You can get some of the items personalised too! Their bags range from clutch bags, shopper totes, rucksacks and more. Although you have to pay more for a bag if it's leather, my word the quality shows! I got the challenge to style their Patent black mini Sienna clutch and it's literally small but mighty! I love the patent finish and although it's very minimal in design, you can easily add key rings or a long strap to make it more personal to your taste. In this instance, I styled the bag with my personalised leather keyring, also from DS London and a New Look Pom Pom keyring. The leather key rings make the perfect stocking filler and come in a range of colours so you are bound to find one that you like!

So I styled the bag with this jacket when Missguided had their 50% off sale a few weeks back and I have no regrets. The colour on this jacket is SO UNIQUE! I haven't seen a pilot jacket like this and I'm glad I got my hands on this one, especially when it was discounted. Would I have bought this full price? Probably not, just because I have so many jackets and this one isn't the cheapest! So admittedly this was a sale spontaneous buy but I'm definitely not returning it!

Also this Miss Pap skirt has been a favourite of mine this season! I love the lace up front and the pocket detail, plus it's a super soft, faux suede material. I know some people think it's daft to wear skirts in the winter but you can easily feel warmer in this one by wearing knee high boots or black tights! I don't feel the cold so much when I'm shooting an outfit because I'm in a 'girl on a mission' mode!

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Jacket - Missguided 
Jumper (similar here) - old Missguided 
Skirt (*) - Miss Pap
Bag (*) - DS London 
Keyring (*) - DS London 
Pom Pom Keyring - New Look 
Boots (similar here) - River Island 

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Monday, 12 December 2016

Pilot Jacket Perfection

I think this has been on my favourite outfits to blog in a long time! I'm stressing at the moment because I'm convinced something is wrong with my camera. Shooting an outfit is taking longer than it has ever because so many of the images are out of focus. I'm convinced its the camera itself because I have had the same issue on both of my lenses, so I'm hoping taking all my camera kit for a clean might do the trick. Otherwise goodbye money! Tempted to just buy a new camera if thats the case but we will cross that bridge when the time comes! 

Luckily I think these shots are just about okay, although it did take an hour to shoot (gulp), but Matt and I got there in the end! The Missguided pilot jacket is one of the nicest jackets I've seen this season. I can't believe so many people on the reviews are saying it's poor quality because I totally disagree. It's fully lined and feels so cosy to wear! I think the colour is so unique and love how it goes with my hair! They also match my Public Desire sparkly ankle boots. These definitely stand out in my wardrobe but don't be afraid with how statement they look. Lukcily the colour of these are very versatile and they easily go with my Topshop Joni black jeans but they would also look great with dark denim. Of course if you want to dress these up, then you can style these with a simple LBD. 

I also need to quickly mention how much I've worn this In the Style cream cable knit jumper! I'm loving longer jumpers this season and this one is so easy to wear and the scoop neck makes a nice change to all these roll necks floating around! They also do a Jumper dress style if you prefer a more fitted and longer length version. 

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Pilot Jacket - Missguided 
Star Necklace - New Look 
Jumper (*) - In the Style 
Boots (*) - Public Desire 
Jeans - Topshop 
Sunglasses - Sunglasses Spot (old) 

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